Angelica McGoogan - Artist and Aspiring Art Therapist

Angelica McGoogan

As an art and psychology student at Napa Valley College in California, Angelica McGoogan completed many of the foundational courses for a potential future in art therapy. She began her study with the goal of transferring to an art school, and she successfully completed the studio and general education course requirements that prepared her to do so. Captivated by a psychology course that she completed to fulfill those requirements, however, Angelica McGoogan changed her major to psychology and embarked on her current career path.

Now working to prepare her finances for further study, Angelica McGoogan serves as a steward and bar tender on the Napa Valley Wine Train. She enjoys interacting with guests from all over the world and teaching them about the process of wine making, while also advising them about places and activities that they may enjoy during their visit.

Angelica McGoogan continues to make art as well. She focuses on creating abstract pieces using Sharpie markers, her favorite medium, as the vibrancy of the colors provides her with inspiration. She also enjoys painting, using acrylics, on canvas, and crocheting, which allows her to craft warm and whimsical accessories.